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Effective Communication Skills


An engaging and practical training course to develop the skills, attitudes, and behaviours required to communicate effectively with others when fulfilling individual roles at work.

Delivered using engaging and fun activities, this course will help you develop the skills, attitude, and behaviours associated with effective communication.
Fees for 1 Delegate: BDT 3900 + 15 VAT

#Participants are likely to:

► work alongside or closely associated with others and/or have to interact with others with whom they have little if any regular contact
► have had no or little training in effective communication
► need to develop practical skills and understanding as opposed to theory

#Course Objectives:
At the end of the workshop participants will have:
► renewed, revised and developed their understanding of what helps and hinders effective communication
► improved their listening skills, non-verbal communication skills
► identified aspects of their ‘current’ attitudes, skills and behaviours that help and hinder their ability to communicate effectively
► developed and tested ideas to improve their personal performance
► generated personal commitment to implement their learning and monitor their progress at work.

#Discussion Topics (Indicative)
► The communication cycle
► Accuracy in communication: the cost of errors
► The importance of clear and unambiguous instructions
► Verbal Vs pictorial vs. Written instructions.
► Observing the impact of your actions
► Accurate verbal communication
► Unconscious bias
► Clarifying understanding
► Effective listening skills
► Nonverbal communication skills
► Agreeing and working on plans
► Understanding and working with other’s limitations
► Learning about each other, their personal views and ideas
► Attitudes to. and value of, personal disclosure
► Sensitivity to others
► Effective questioning
► Identifying and communicating key information
► Communication between remote teams
► Producing clear written instructions
► Inter-dependent team working
► Working under time constraints
► Using verbal communication alone to develop a common understanding of complex issues.
► Thinking through problems logically with others
► Practicing professional telephone, cell phone, and voice mail etiquette
► Conducting productive business and professional meetings
► Best practices for writing professional e-mails

#Facilitator’s Profile:
Shahriar Khan
Country Manager, ADR International, Bangladesh
Managing Director, Game Changer Training and Consulting Ltd.
Associate Consultant, Crown Agents UK
Adjunct Faculty, Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Gazipur

Shahriar is leading the journey of ADR International in Bangladesh as well as leading the team at Game Changer Training and Consulting Ltd. Previously he has worked for a leading UK based consulting firm in international development for more than a decade in a number of different roles – consultant, project manager, trainer, client relationship manager, business development manager, and regional manager.

Shahriar has been delivering training regularly at Crown Agents International Training centre in London and other international locations since 2008. He has trained hundreds of participants from public sector, private sector and NGO sector from a number of countries and received excellent feedback from the training delivered.

He has strong experience in developing strategy, managing projects, including project budget and finances, and maintaining client relationships. He led a number of proposals for development projects under various donors.

Highly passionate about training and capacity building, Shahriar designed and delivered training internationally on a range of subjects and managed number of training projects for clients internationally. Clients he delivered training for include SNV World Ethiopia, African Union Commission, Society for Family Health Nigeria, Internal Security Forces, Lebanon, National Academy for Controlling of AIDS, Nigeria, Geothermal Development Company, Kenya, Civil Service University Ethiopia, Ministry of Culture and Information, Vietnam.

He has experience of working in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Yemen.

***Number of Participants: Maximum 20.***
Price: BDT 3900 + (15{a6157b46e012d07c60d6926cd42c432558f87ee1af4d4c384b1655c9e058374d} VAT)
Refreshments: ** Morning Snacks
** Lunch
** Evening Snacks

***This course is delivered using Experiential Learning Approach, which means participants will have to get involved in activities and engage to make the most of the event. If you would rather sit back and listen to lectures then this course is not for you. ***

*** discount on online payment ***


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